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Our Story

Our Founder

Successful entrepreneur, innovator and designer. These are all terms that describe Saint Vincent founder, Daniel Woik. As a child growing up in Cologne, Germany, Daniel was always seen as a very talented child. Full of creativity which was fueled by his passion for learning, he was introduced to computer programming at the age of 10. By 14, he had programmed his first website and immersed himself in technology.

Later, Daniel made an apprenticeship as a mechatronics technician and worked as an mechanical engineer, putting his talents and expertise to task. He continued to make his presence in the technical world known by creating countless websites and ecommerce shops learning as his experience grew. Then, in 2017, Daniel decided to follow a dream of his and put his technical skills to work creating exclusive luxury timepieces designed for their style, beauty and innovation. This was the beginning of Saint Vincent!

“Sometimes when I'm working on a new creative project, I just can’t think of anything for hours. Then suddenly out of nowhere it flows out of me and I can barely remember everything and write it down. This is what I call my creative phase."

Our Passion

Our passion was to create a watch with a simple design, which can be worn on every imaginable occasion. A simple and unique timepiece without much any distracting features. Something minimalistic and timeless.

Here at Saint Vincent, we think that fashion shouldn’t depend on your wallet. We make fashion accessible to everyone, no matter what your budget is. Our goal is to grow our brand to become one of the greatest watch companies in the world. Help us to get there!

The Name Behind the Brand

Far away from the tourist traps and a world of pressures and anxiety, is the small Caribbean volcanic island St. Vincent. Only accessible by small aircrafts from neighboring larger islands, St. Vincent is as remote as it is beautiful. Brimming with coconut palms hanging in the wind and unique black and white sand beaches, this tiny Caribbean island is surrounded by an almost insolent light blue water with a tropical climate year around. St. Vincent is full of wonderful surprises which is why it is known as the best kept secret of the Caribbean.

As unique as the fantastically beautiful island of St. Vincent, so are our watches. Minimalistic and timeless. In each of our watches is a piece of the Caribbean; come with us on a beautiful journey to St. Vincent.

Feel the Caribbean!

Daniel Woik

Founder & CEO

Designed in Cologne, Germany.

Inspired by the Caribbean island St. Vincent.